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-Mark Vaughn, [email protected]
i love soccer
November 26, 1991 – 31 years old
miss u hope all is well much love <3!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Heather!!!!
Hey everyone... We have Changed our Worship\Church Service... We are now going to start at 10:00am.. And starting this Wed Night is our First Bible Study at 6:00 pm.....We have the lord Supper this Sunday to Frist thing!
Hey Everybody.... Hope you can Join us Sunday Morning Oct 12th For our Worship\Church service at 10:30 am. This has been a long week and very Stressful... I will Explain Sudnay
Good Morning Just sending out Reminder about Church in the Morning at 10:30 am Cst and 11:30 am Est...... Hope you can Join us, We are going to studying in Genesis Tomorrow. Morning! :) Hope to see then lord willing!
heather <3 hope you are good
Eaver!!!!!!! <3
Heatherssssss what is up my sexy lil one :D
U ARE AWESOME !! :D I luv you... muwhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahahhahahaahahhahhahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha...
the master has decided to comment here <3
LUV YOU GIRL!!!!!!! U my cray cray.. <3
fuck the haters !!!!!!!
You are a good person Heather and a great friend... Keep smiling <3 <3 <3
You are awesome, let the haters hate! You'll only be a stronger caster for it!! <3
You cray- Cray girl. I <3 it!
Greetings Planet Earth
What's up Heather hit me up on Skype sometime Justtex1 <3
Good morning, Heather. Have a pleasant day.
Behold the Power of (cheese) <3
Good Morning everyone!........ Just sending out Reminder About our Wednesday night Bible Study Tomorrow afternoon at 6:15 pm Cst and 7:15 pm Est.... I surely Hope everyone can make it Lord willing..... Tomorrow our lesson is going to be Bible Story 7 Denied By a Friend..... We are also going to have a Special Guest !! As well.... So i am really looking forward to see you all Tomorrow Lord willing. if we don't see each other Tomororw Afternoon Then Lord willing we will see you Sunday!....... Hope you have a Blessed day ! May God Peace and love be with you all...! :)
Good afternoon. Y'all... Sorry i am late sending out the Reminder for Tomorrow Afternoon Bible Study.. One thing all ways Turn into another Thing. I have been working on my new computer on trying to get the Blue ball Mic to work.... I think i might finger it out.... We will surely see Tomorrow...... :) Do you Remember on Sunday we was in Bible Story 5 .... And we was studying the Night in a Garden.. ? Well Tomorrow Bible Story Lesson is going to be Story 6.... And it called Betrayed By Traitor... And it is in Part 2...... Of the story..... Well Once again i am very sorry for not sending this out early this Morning..... I surely Hope to see you all. Tomorrow afternoon. Remember you all are so Faitful. to All of use.. If you was not for you all who come to bible study and \Church Service. I would be talking to my self...... I am Blessed that you are so Great people as you all. See you all Tomorrow.. Afternoon Blessing on you all..... ! Rememeber Bible Study start at 6:15 pm Cst and 7:15 pm Est.....!
Hey Everyone..... Just Reminding you all about Our Wednesday Night Bible Study Tomorrow afternoon at 6:15 pm Cst and 7&#59&#59;15 pm EST..... Hope you can Join us. Blessing you all.
Good Morning... Everyone.. Just sending out Reminder That there will be no Church Service.. Tomorrow Morning...... We will meet again On Apirl 30th for our Wednesday Night Bible Study..... Hope you all have a Great Weekend. Remember Our lord and Savior Jesus Christ will Rise again Tomorrow Morning! From the Grave the Tomb will be Empty! Blessing on you all ! And tell Wednesday God Bless.
Good Morning Just sending out Reminder about Bible Study Tomorrow Evening at 6:15 pm CST and 7&#59;15 pm ESt.... Tomorrow the Bible Story is going to be in Story 3 Last loving Words... I hope you can Join us.... If you was not here Sunday Morning we has our Easter Service.. You Missed a Great Time.. And We aslo had our Sunrise Service that morning as well... Please Remember This Coming Sunday we have no Church Service... April 20th. Witch is Easter Sunday.. But i do look forward to seeing you all Tomorrow Eevning. May God Bless you all ! Blessing on you all.
Good Morning! Tomorrow Morning is going to be Exciting Service! I have lots Plan... For Tomorrow. Tomororw Morning We will have our Sunrise Service outside. Lord willing if Weather Let's us do it. It will be 7:15 am CST and 8:15 am EST..... Then follow by that we will have our Church Service at 10:30 am CST and 11:30am EST. Hope you all can Join us, If you can't for the Sunrise Service Lord will we will see you at 10:30 am Cst and 11:30 am Est. Tomororw Morning we are going to be in Resurrection. And It will be a very Special Service. Hope you all can Make it..... We will be going over on Time Tomororw Morning. So if you have to leave Don't worry about it.. I understand... We have Lot's of Music Plan as well. Hope to see Each and everyone of you Tomorrow Morning. God Bless ! Blessing on you all! :)
hey hfry<3 sorry been having troubles lately but u know this...ty for being a great freaky friend lol love ya <3
Hey are you hooked up yet <]:o)
Good Morning Just sending out Reminder about Tomorrow Evening Bible Study. It will start at 6:15 pm CST and 7:15 pm EST.... I surely hope you can Join us ... We are going to be in the Bible Story .. 2. Called the Farewell Party.... And as you all know this the Meal that Jesus will have with his disciples.... While he is eating this last meal with them. He will tell them what going to happen to him.... This going to be Very Interesting Story... I hope you all can Join us.. Tomorrow.... And i am also going to be talking about our Sunrise Service as well... I am really looking forward to it.. I hope the weather is Good for us.. And tell we meet again Tomorrow Night for Bible Study. Blessing on you all. God Bless.!
Hi Heather :)
I would like to see you cam up, Do cam up? And what days.
Hello Everyone... Just Reminder thoes who Follow me. About no Church Service Tomorrow Morning...... But lord willing hope to see you . Next Wednesday night. I will be talking more about our Sunrise Service... For Next Sunday.... Hope you all can Join us then... And if you ever forget.. You can go to my And i all ways have it Posted down there. Hope you all have a Great Weekend.. Blessing on you! God Bless!
joint casttttt goinggg on !!!!!!
Good Morning Just sending out Reminder about Tomorrow Bible Study... it start at 6:15 pm CST and 7:15 pm EST...... We sure hope each and everyone of you can Join us.. Tomorrow we are going to be in Bible Story 1 Part 2....... Now as we are getting Close to Jesus going to the Cross..... This Story is called Feet Jesus Washed. This story will be Very Interesting.... Indeed.... Then i want to let you all know. That Next Sunday April the 13th will be Our Easter Service.... We will have a Sunrise Service outside that Morning ... The time will be 7:20 am CST and 8:20 am EST...... That is when the Sun start to come in... We will be having Prayer Outside. That Morning with some Music... To Bring the Joy... That Jesus will Raise again On April the 20th...... That will be the 3rd day... What a Joy. Heaven will be on that day..... When Jesus Return back to Heaven.. Hope you all can Make it Tomorrow Night. I will be letting you all know More as Next Sunday Come along..... God Bless you!
thank you for dropping by, Hope to see you again
Good Morning everyone!... Just sending out Reminder... About our Church Service in the Morning at 10:30 am Cst and 11:30 am Est... I hope you all can Join Us.... Tomorrow Bible Story is 9... Vision Jesus saw... Do you Remember On Wednesdays We was talking about how. Jesus would Carry some of Derest Memoires to the Cross. Tomorrow Bible Story. We get Closer to Where Jesus is going to be put on the Cross at Calvary..... And Then on the 3rd day be Raise up...... How Excited and Sad Time as we get Closer for Jesus getting put to Death..... But as we know our lord and Savior the Most Highst God of all... Will arise again. On Easter Morning! Wonderful Praise and Happy.. Song's There will be Shouting Time in Heaven. Once Jesus come back to Heaven After Raising From the Dead!.... Hope you all can Joins Tomorrow Morning for Church Remember at 10:30 am Cst and 11:30 am Est..... Blessing on you all! And Tell we meet again Tomrorow Morning~ God Bless!
hope everything is well with you.
haven't seen you in a while.
hey yawl this is my account from 3 years ago !! ill be on this account more and not hfry1991!
Good Morning Just sending out Reminder about No Church Service March the 23th... Our Next Bible Study will be March the 26th Then Follow our Bible Study that Sunday March 30th We will be having our Church Service.... May The lord Jesus Bless you and Keep you Safe. And Tell we meet again. Next Wednesday Night! March 26th. Have one Awesome Weekend! <3
have a nice day #047
Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. However motherhood comes to you, it's a miracle. (you'll make a wonderful parent) chin-up! x
Good Morning Just sending out Reminder about Tomorrow Bible Study... It will start at 6:15 pm CST and 7:15 pm EST. Hope you all can Join us. Tomrorow Evening we are going to be in Story Chapter 7. The King Who Stop to Cry.... And it will be Explaning about Jesus our King who is our Lord and Savior... Hope you all can Joins us.. Lord willing Tomorrow Evening For Bible Study Blessing on all!
I be great, how are you.